Frequently Asked Questions
Q - How Far In Advance Do I Book A Trip?

A - As soon as you know what day(s) you want to go. I have people call me the night before and I can accommodate them, But to avoid any disappointments try to book your trip as early as you can.


Q - What baits are used?

A - I provide Hooks, soft Plastics, and other lures. I RARELY

supply Plug Tackle ( Hard Baits), If you want to use it you can bring it.


Q - How Much Is The Fishing License

Use our link below

A - Saltwater Non - Resident 3 Day is $17.00

      Freshwater Non - Resident 3 day is $17.00

     Saltwater Non - Resident 7 day is $30.00
     Freshwater Non - Resident 7 day is $30.00

     Combo Salt and Fresh Annual is $32.50     Other information on license fees and types can be had by clicking on the link below.

To buy your Fishing License online click this link =  https://www2.fl.wildlifelicense.com/start.php


Q - What Do I Need To Bring?

A - You will want to have good sun protection ... hats, polarized sunglasses, sun block at a minimum. We also suggest light weight, long sleeve "fishing" shirts and pants. We do have oysters here and they are sharp, so, protective footgear that you do not mind getting wet is required. Most use "flat boots", some bring waders, but old sneakers are used by many. However, sandals and flip-flops are not recommended at all. Bring whatever snacks or drinks you want or desire but NO Alcoholic Beverages please. There will be a small cooler available. The little soft-sided "six-pack" coolers are handy, and you may want to bring your own. As you are on your own boat you will need a valid Florida fishing license. You will also need a completed Kayak Release Form, If you can download it and print it and fill it out and bring it along it would expedite us leaving in the morning.


Q - What tackle do you suggest, if I wanted to use my own?

A - I mostly use a Lamiglas 6 1/2 to a 7 ft. rod. with a Medium sized spinning reel filled with 15 to 20 pound test Power Pro. A 12 to 18 inch Flourocarbon leader, connected to the main line with a Uni to Uni knot. You should have a leader of 20-40 pound floro ... 30 lb is a good compromise. Baitcaster reels are great also, I spool mine with 10 to 15 pound test Power Pro and the same leader depending if i am using a plug or not.


Q - Can I harvest Fish?

A - It is not practical to carry a client’s fish on board our craft as we are carrying a full load of items needed to provide you with a safe, memorable trip. Some anglers bring insulated catch bags. You can do so if you wish and store it on your kayak. Also for safety reasons we do not allow the use of stringers. You are responsible for cleaning, icing, and storing your catch. Depending on the guide, professional cleaning of your fish can be done for a small additional charge.


Q - Will I get Wet?

A - We use Ocean Kayaks, we believe they are the driest, most stable and most durable kayaks on the market. However, there will be time when a couple of drops of water may come off the paddle shaft as you are paddling and land on your lap or legs. Therefore shorts or fast drying fishing type pants may be a good idea, but other than that you will stay high and dry. Ocean Kayak makes the best sit-on-top kayaks in the world or (SOTS) for short, you just sit on top in a comfortable cushioned seat and never need to try to climb inside and get situated like the sit-inside type kayaks. Our kayaks can support 450 to 550 lbs. and more depending on the kayak we choose to put you in for your trip.

Q - Is a deposit needed?

A - Yes. Sometimes we can waive it if it is last minute.

Q - Bad weather days, what happens to our booking if we have bad weather?

A - We usually pick the best day with good weather for your trip. If there is a peticular day chosen to fit you schedule and we have bad weather we discuss that with you. We either cancel the booking and refund any monies due or we reschedule for a better day with good weather and no extra charges.

Q - Will I learn in your suvival classes how to survive in urban environments as well as the wilderness?

A - Absolutely

Q - Will I learn on how to put together a survival kit and or go bag?

A - yes in every training segment we cover these facets.

Q - Can I learn about Florida edibles?

A - Yes we offer this and many more segments of survival.

Q - Will I have fun?

A - Of Course! It will be the time of your life.