Why choose an Adventure with Kayak Charters


We could tell you about what a great company we are, but so can anyone else. Check out our reviews on TripAdvisor This is one of the best ways to see unbiased reviews of actual clients experiences. We are committed to providing you with the best experience possible. Our work is our passion and we want to share it with you! Meet our Pro Staff and guides who will help you explore the beautiful place we call home. 

What if we have never paddled before?


Our guides are also instructors. Rentals, guided tours, eco tours and fishing charters all begin with land based safety tips and basic fundamentals of safe entry/re-entry, how to find your paddle grip, correct paddle strokes, basic safety gear and anatomy of the kayak. Once on the water you will be able to practice your knowledge and enjoy your adventure at the pace you are comfortable with. 

What kind of shape do we need to be in?


Kayaking can be as leisurely or strenuous as you want to make it. In fact, the beauty of kayaking is that it is incredibly versatile and accommodating to all levels of fitness. Our fleet of Bonafide kayaks are extremely stable and boast a capacity of 425 lbs. Any injuries, health conditions or requirements for adaptive paddling should be communicated to our staff and will be discussed prior to your adventure to make proper accommodations.  Our excursions are about making your time on the water as enjoyable as possible. That means that there’s no pressure to do anything that is not comfortable for you.

How do I book a kayak rental, eco tour or fishing charter?


Reservations for rentals are not required, but we strongly encourage booking in advance to ensure that a kayak is available when you want one.  Eco Tours and Guided Tours are regularly scheduled through the week. You can also call Kayak Charters at 239.425.7823 to reserve any of these services. Payments need to be made in advance to reserve your adventure. 


  • 16 Years of age or older
  • Major Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx and Discover)
  • A Proper form of ID
  • A Completed WAIVER

What type of kayaks are available?


Our kayak fleet is composed of high-stability, catamaran-hybrid hull Bonafide sit/stand kayaks. We do not offer tandem kayaks. Your kayak adventure will include a Werner paddle, PFD (personal flotation device) and signaling device (whistle) for your safety. 

What do our guides bring on tours?

 Guides are equipped with VHF (Very High Frequency) radios to ensure communication capability at all times, first aid and tow ropes. 

Do I need a fishing License for fishing charters?


A fishing license is required to attempt to take native or nonnative saltwater and freshwater fish. 

If you are a Florida Resident an annual saltwater or freshwater fishing license is $17. 

Non-residents of Florida have 3 options: 

- Nonresident Annual License ($47) 

- Nonresident 3-day License ($17) 

- Nonresident 7-day License ($30). 

Anglers may purchase licenses online at Go Outdoors Florida, over the phone at 1-888-FISH-FLORIDA or download the free Fish/Hunt FL mobile app which allows you to renew, purchase and store your licenses on your smart phone or tablet. Check the FWC website to find physical locations to purchase; many bait shops, hardware stores and outdoor outfitters sell licenses. Either approach allows anglers who are ready to fish, virtually instant access to a license.

What should I wear/bring?


· Regardless of cloud cover, a day on the water is a day of sun exposure. Wearing clothing with UPF   rated fabrics is a wise choice (plus sunscreen for reflected UV radiation); for any clothing layer   that touches your skin, go with wicking, quick-drying nylon or polyester (or another synthetic   fabric). Avoid cotton in all layers, because it absorbs water and stays wet.

· Water shoes: or closed toe shoes that you don’t mind getting wet. 

· Sunglasses: Even on overcast days, glare off the water can be blinding, and you'll want to use   some type of retainer strap so you don't lose them. 

· Wide brimmed hat: protect face and neck from sun and increase your visibility on the water.

· Sunscreen: If you are used to needing it when you are outdoors please bring some with you.

· Insect Repellant : If you usually use it bring some.
 Water and portable snacks: Remember to stay hydrated! Kayaking is a physical sport and it’s   essential to carry enough water with you to keep from becoming dehydrated, especially in hot   conditions.

· Change of clothes & towel: keep in your vehicle if you would like to change out of wet clothing   afterwards. 

· Friends, a sense of humor and adventure!



Conditions can become extreme quickly in Florida. It is important to prepare well to gain the best enjoyment from your trip. Your guides are very familiar with your paddling environment and conditions. Feel free to ask any questions in order to understand all you need to be confident about your trip. Please understand that we will not paddle in unsafe conditions including high winds and thunderstorms.

Should I bring my camera or phone?


You are more than welcome to bring along a camera or other devices on your outing but please be aware that there is no guarantee that it will stay out of the water. Bonafide kayaks come with a Dry Pod storage for items you want to bring on your rental or tour.  Kayak Charters is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

Care of equipment


Equipment must be returned in good condition and reasonably clean. Repair and cleaning fees may be applied to damaged or severely soiled equipment, up to and including full replacement cost. Salty life jackets and a little sand or gravel in the kayaks is not considered 'severely soiled'. Muddy equipment, or sunscreen stained life jackets would be one example of severely soiled.

Tipping Etiquette

 Tips are always appreciated!  A tip is what it is - a showing of appreciation for a job well done, for going over and above or just being a cool dude or chic.