Fly Fishing

We offer Fly Fishing Charters!

Hello and Welcome to the Fly Fishing section of Kayak Charters

We pride ourselves in providing the best information and teaching technics for fly fishing our local waters and more.

 We strive in making sure that Fly Fishing continues to have a beginning. We want to encourage everyone that there is an aspect
 of fly fishing that you could enjoy.

Fly Fishing is the purest part of fishing from fresh to salt water, a more personal connection is created for the fly fisher. The presentation of a fly in the right situation is very rewarding for the beginner to the expert. 

It takes "Vision" to  know what you need to do, before you act. It will make the difference. Selection of fly (great conversation) so many…hahaha! 

Whether, you enjoy the art of creating your own flies or just fishing.  We'll have something for you. 

We offer fly tying classes and much more. Our classes will range from beginners to advanced. Many of the materials will be provided. Space will be limited, call ahead for details.

We are here to enhance your interest in the sport of fly fishing. Our knowledge and techniques are ever growing. We feel that once you begin an adventure into fly fishing you will see it in a whole new light.

We enjoy sharing and passing on the knowledge of the sport that I cherish. 

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