We are now offering Discounted Gift Certificates for a great way for you to send as a gift to get your friend or loved one out on a Kayak Eco Tour or Kayak Fishing Trip or Kayak Class or whatever else we offer. Due to the current economy the country is facing we here at Kayak Charters have developed special pricing discounts and business packages.

Our business packages are a great way to close a potential business deal or solidify a existing one. We have professionals of all types using these gift certificates as business tools with there clients and a way to say thank you for new and existing business. We have Real Estate Agents, Land Developers, city and private sector professionals buying these at big discounts over our regular pricing and buying them in bulk (groups of 10, 15, 20). We even have larger firms buying in larger group packages for retreats and such.


 Gift Certificates can be used for any of our services.


•We have 1/2 day and Full Day Kayak Charter Certificates that can be used on any of our trips.

•These are great for the holidays or other special events.

•Our Business Packages allow you to buy Gift Certificates for classes, training and guided trips at very big discounts when group ordering of 5, 10, 15 and 20 Certificates at once. Inquire about the substantial savings you can get and offer you a new and innovative way of doing business. Let your clients experience the wonderful nature and fishing opportunities South West Florida has to offer and be guided by a professional, while thinking and appreciating your gift and remembering your company.

Call Us at 239-425-7823 to get your certificates now! They are a different and great gift idea for the holidays or that special gift!