Kayak Charters "Open Wounds Program"

Kayak Charters and Dominick Greco are proud to have a special program now for several years where we offer FREE kayak tours, fishing and training sessions to our returning troops. It is because of their dedication, protection, hard work and service that we have the freedoms that we have. You are not forgotten in our eyes and never will be. We appreciate you! We are raising money ever year to keep these wonderful programs going and growing stronger. We have outfitted our kayaks with all kinds of special accessories to make this possible. Please help us with this program by donations as we are trying to reach the masses of those who are injured and returning and those that have served.

Call Us At 239-425-7823 to recieve details and schedule your free excursion!


Companies and individuals that donate to this program will recieve promotions on our website as we expand. We also offer special Club Membership and training's for those who help us in our program with donations.  This gets your company lots of great promotions and shows that you care. All donations go directly to funding this program offered by Kayak Charters and pays for all the expenses in helping us reach more of our troops and let them know that their service is not forgotten.

There is no charge to our members of the armed forces for trips, tours and training sessions we offer. We are also travelling to the area VA hospitals and Florida based clubs and organizations to get the word out about what we are doing at Kayak Charters for them.

Some of our military personel below out on their excursions.



Thanks again for a wonderful time. First, I want to truly thank you for your support of the Servicemen and women. It means a lot to see folks like you go well above and beyond for us!  I had an incredible time out on the water.  Kayaks are such a different way to see and experience nature. They really allow you to get immersed in the environment rather than "moving your tourist-bubble" through it!  To see wildlife that close without it being too concerned with us is incredible!  One of the greatest things I got from the tour is something I have had problems with since coming back from my first tour in Iraq. That is relaxation. I have a form of post-deployment stress that doesn't allow me to relax to the home environment after the adrenaline rush of downrange. For the first time I was able to do what my counselor tried to coach me in to doing, and that was to participate in a hobby where I was not fully in charge and to not work to a plan or time-line.  Kayaking gave me enough physical release in the exercise of paddling when I wanted it but not over-taxing by any means. Speaking of the paddling, you gave just the right amount of training at the beginning combined with continuous but non-intrusive coaching as needed throughout the day. The technique you taught gave both Kristy and I the easy ability to paddle all day and not be tired or feel like we exercised rather than fully enjoy ourselves. Thank you once again for a really great time!

Please feel free to use as much of this testimonial as you desire. 

Matthew Perry

Staff Sergeant, US Army

P.S.  we were at Busch Gardens Theme Park the next day and both would have rather been out on the kayaks with you!