We teach Survival classes and training for the City Of Cape Coral. We have been featured for our survival training and classes on Wink News, Fox, Newspapers and numerous other forms of media. We offer a very real and special approach towards survival training from begining to advanced training offered. We are sponsored by some of the top survival companies in the country. If your interested in putting together a survival kit, go bag, firestarting, water procurement and any other facets contact us at 239-425-7823 or use our contact us page. We pride our selves in a hands on approach and back our training and classes with over 30 years over survial training and knowledge. As we say...
It's not time to learn how to dance five minutes before the prom.
Learn how and what to put in your survival kit from us. We offer survival kits ready made for sale also.
This is a kit that you get or pack today and hope you will never have to use it.
Family training sessions and one on one sessions. Affordable pricing...
Get trained today!
Call us at 239-425-7823
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