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5 of 5 stars 02/04/17 Reviewed by Maria718
I was so impressed with Dominick as my guide. Safety is first, and all the detailed knowledge you will talk about is second. His eco tour is not to be missed. We got on the water and he started telling me about the estuaries and it's inhabitants and we got Really close to the red mangroves and I learned about the Ecosystem and its balance and corrective adaptations. It was a classroom on the water! It was an environmental, biological and botanical class in one outing! He seemed so in touch with the function of each part of the delicate balance of this Aquatic Preserve. I enjoyed his "class" so much I hope I will be able to travel 1000 miles to attend another class later this year. I would recommend his tours because you get Much more than a great day on the kayak!
From Our Clients

Last minute trip while in the Ft, Myers, SW Florida area. Glad to see Dominick's Kayak Guide service listed in the top ten things to do in the Ft Myers area. I emailed him on very short notice and he tailored a last minute trip for me that not only hit my preferred target species but also was perfect for my abilities and skill levels. Over the last 40 years, I have hired guides to explore everything from hiking to whitewater. This trip shares the best features of all the best trips I ever took. Flexibility,Local Knowledge, and fun personality. Dominick has all, especially the fun. I was fortunate enough to fish in 10 states last year with 6 different fishing guides fishing for multiple species. Having someone like Dominick share his knowledge of technique and conditions allowed me to just show up and jump in his excellent, fully rigged kayak. Within minutes I learned a new technique AND caught 3 different species!! I Cannot wait to get back and try some of the other exciting trips that he offers. Its like having a friend who has lived here for many years. Thanks Dominick, Ill be back!

Bob Elliott

5 of 5 starsReviewed November 5, 2015NEW

Just got back from a second trip in 3 mos. with Dominic Greco and Kayak Charters. From pre-trip planning such as what to wear and what to bring to tips on the water of how to get the most out of your paddle and the most effective jigging techniques, Dominic Greco is gold when it comes to guiding 

Both trips he put us on the fish instantly. Most recently we fished the backwaters of Matlacha Isles. The view was stunning. The fish were stacked, but the bite was slow due to all the rain. Even with poor salinity levels, we still managed to land three fish including a sawfish. I'll be back in FL in February and you can be sure to find me in a kayak with Dominic Greco and Kayak Charters

5 of 5 starsReviewed September 22, 2015NEW

Let me tell you , if you want to be taught by a professional team this is the only place to go. I have been working side by side with Dominick for nearly 3 months and he always teaches me something new. It might be the proper way to position the boat in the water, different fishing techniques or tying simple knots . Its ALWAYS something very valuable. He teaches safety first but still makes it fun. If your just looking for one session or multiple sessions to really learn the ropes . If you don't go with Kayak Charters your wasting your money . A+++!!!

Visited September 2015

All I can say is wow!  What a great day in less than favorable conditions with Dominick 
Greco and Kayak-Charters.  From the initial inquiry to pulling out of the water, my experience with Kayak-Charters was top notch!

Dominick's expertise, willingness to teach with patience and personal demeanor made my trip the best charter experience I've ever had.  He consistently read the water correctly and put us on the bite from the word go.  I've fished all my life, from Canada to the gulf waters of Texas.  This was a trip for the ages.  There is nothing like a Red Fish strike in a kayak and subsequently being pulled all over the bay.

 I highly recommend Kayak-Charters and Dominick Greco.  I've already got a second trip booked and am discussing a third.  Dominick Greco and Kayak Charters are the way to go!

Darryl from Ohio

 Kayak fishing with Kayak Charters
5 of 5 starsReviewed April 4, 2015

I had a wonderful experience with Dominick Greco from Kayak Charters. Dominick is a real professional and his knowledge of the area (Cape Coral) and techniques is really something. I learned more in the afternoon on techniques than I ever expected. He has a program to first locate and then identify what the fish will bit. He really knows his stuff. A wonderful afternoon on the water. He can supply kayaks and equipment however I supplied my own and he pointed out several things that I should check and change with my own rods and reels. We went to a lauch site where there were no facilities at all and it was great as there weren't a lot of other people fishing this area.

Visited April 2015

5 of 5 starsReviewed April 3, 2015

First, let me say I had an outstanding experience for the times I worked with Dominick on individual fishing and kayaking techniques. Where he truly exceeded my expectations was a family kayak tour in the mangroves near Cape Coral. In particular he bestowed confidence on a member of our group of 5 who was over 65, never been in a kayak, and has struggled with cancer. She reported that the experience was marvelous and exciting and she surprised herself with her performance. In general he impressed with his encyclopedic knowledge of kayaks, fishing, Florida, and wildlife! He led us past a panther territory, a feral pig, Calusa land, and much more. Everyone had a blast. Well done, Dominick. Five Stars from me and I will see him again next February. Michael D.

Visited February 2015

Dominick, we felt your guiding for our Cape Coral mangrove Eco Tour was pro all the way. We loved getting to use high end boats with all the latest gear. You explained everything we needed to know but treated us like experienced kayakers. We loved hearing about all of the fish, birds, seeing them under water, learning about all of the different bird and fish habitat, going thru’ mangrove tunnels, your prompt and efficient meet up and return, your family helping us pull the gear out, your personal touch and friendliness, I just can’t say enough about the trip. And we felt the cost was very fair. It was a perfect way to start our trip. It far surpassed any of our expectations. FYI, we took another tour of a different area with a guide who was knowledgeable, but had crummy gear and no personality. It was like she was reading a script. I shall not name names.

I highly recommend you to anyone wanting a first class kayak trip. Feel free to use this recommendation on your web site.

Peggy Schickedanz

Director of Operations



Thanks for a great Eco-tour today. We learned a lot about areas of Florida that most people don’t get to see. The mangroves are beautiful and it is so quiet and peaceful. We appreciated the fact that you shared your vast knowledge about the area and its varied plant life and animal life and that you took the time to teach us about the basics of kayaking. Continued success in your business.

Best Regards,

Diane and John Deming




To: Lisa Benton, Executive Director

Greater Pine Island Chamber of Commerce

239-283-0888 & 239-283-4842

fax 239-283-0336


Dear Lisa,

The Tarpon Lodge is happy to support the Greater Pine Island Chamber's efforts to bring consistent, quality events in November of 2009 & January of 2010 via the branding "Florida's Creative Coast Weekends".

Grouping together the diversity and strengths of our cultural & creative island talents is sure to draw a mix of interest from afar to our fine area.

As a lodging facility, we will track all rooms booked with us for those events & will offer a 10% discount for anyone booking accommodations with the intent to attend associated events covered under this grant request.

In addition to that, we have partnered with Kayak Charters to offer an extra 10% off any kayak rental or kayak fishing excursion with their guides.

The Tarpon Lodge always appreciates the support from our Lee County TDC & the hard work of our dedicated Chamber and outstanding VCB.

Sincerely Yours,

Nancy Glickman, Office Manager

Tarpon Lodge & Restaurant



Dominick—before I head north for the summer, I wanted to write a note to express just how much I’ve enjoyed my relationship with you. It’s been wonderful and you certainly have exceeded my expectations.

This was my first winter In Florida having retired last fall—a true Canadian snowbird. During the fall, I went to a fishing show where there were a lot of kayaks and I thought that would be something I’d like to try and so I bought a used one. I then got your name through a kayak store in Punta Gorda and I must say it was the best thing that happened for me this winter season.

After an initial lesson, I joined as a gold club member and I can honestly say it’s been the best investment ever. You have been great! I have fished up north all my life, yet I have learned more during our sessions than I could have ever anticipated.

I would have never thought of doing kayak fishing in retirement, but with what you have shown me, I have a wonderful new pastime to be excited about and pursue with you. Dominick – you are a true professional. Your level of knowledge (fishing and naturalist) is unbelievable and you are enthusiastic about sharing it and helping others truly enjoy your passion. Our sessions have been wonderful—you never hurry and explain and show things thoroughly making sure I’ve got it.

You have given me something which I’m truly looking forward to pursuing—see you next year several times on the water.

Your new friend


Wes Treleaven—retired partner Deloitte & Touche LLP



Hi Dominick,

I was very busy after taking Monday off to be with the kids before they went back to New York. Here is my e-mail address.

I tried to zip the pics and send them twice and couldn't get them to go through. I'll mail you a disk.

We all had a great time. Frank and Sandra talked about going fishing when they return and Judi was surprised how her muscles didn't hurt after learning how to paddle properly.

You really did a great job. You are without a doubt a true professional . I to look forward to our next fishing trip. Maybe I'll have the new boat by then.

Take care, paddle safe

Bob Mutch


Hi Dominick,

Thanks a milion for the pictures! I had a ball yesterday and learned more in a few hours than I have learned in the last ten years about fishing. I caught more fish on artficial bait than I ever have in one day, and caught my 1st ever (and 9th) Trout - and what beautiful fish!! I can't thank you enough for your skill, teaching and pleasant company.

I am interested in the club, but have not been able to open the information. Pleae re-send them in a different format.

Thanks again,



In German:

To: The kayak-charters team

Hallo Dominick,

Nachträglich möchte meine Familie und ich, uns noch einmal für den tollen Kajak Trip bedanken.
Erst hatten wir Zweifel ob das eine gute Idee ist, ohne Erfahrung mit der ganzen Familie (5 Leute) eine Toure durch die Mangrovenwälder zu unternehmen. Erst einmal auf dem Wasser war die Angst weg. Es war ein sicherer und Interessanter Trip von Beginn bis Ende.
So einen Trip kann ich jedem Empfehlen der einmal etwas anderes in Cape Coral erleben möchte.
Bis zum nächsten Trip

Grüße aus Knetzgau, Germany
Thomas Schmitt, CEO
Bavaria Group

in English:

To: The kayak-charters team

Dear Dominick,

My family and me would like to say thank you for an amazing Kayak Trip.
First we were not sure If It is a good idea to join a Kayak trip without any experience and with the whole family. When you sit in the kayak, after few minutes the fear is gone. From the first minute up to the end we had an professional guided, interesting and safe trip
Everybody, interested in the new and exiting experience. This is the right place to go.

See you next time
Grüße aus Knetzgau, Germany
Thomas Schmitt, CEO
Bavaria Group


Hey Dominick,

Thanks for the photos - I got 2 good filets from him - just grilled him in lemon and butter - he was great!!

Thank you for another great day of fishing - I really enjoyed the fishing and your expertise and good company - I learn a lot when we go out and have a lot fun as well - catching fish in what I thought was not the greatest of conditions with the wind and all was a bonus as well.

I'm looking forward to fishing with you in November and December - I will call when I can nail down the dates.

Thanks again for another great day,



Dear Mr. Greco:

Congratulations on the design of your Signature Big Game Prowler.
You are truly an innovator, the "Da Vinci" of kayaks. Good luck
with her and your business in the coming year. Beautiful website

John Moura
Scotch Plains, NJ USA



Just looked at the photos you sent of our family's kayaking adventure and they brought back great memories. My family has always enjoyed the outdoors but after our Mom passed away and my Dad got sick we thought our days as an active family, with experiences and tales reaching back through the decades, were finally over. You not only proved that wrong but served us an object lesson in life so often missing today; age and infirmity does not mean the end to enjoying our loved ones out on the water and in the wilderness -- not only is it possible, in fact it becomes all the more precious. My Dad has a special affinity for the ocean since his days in the Navy so it was very touching to hear him express his happiness in just gliding his hand through the water surrounded by his kids at play.

Dominick, your trip served to remind us what is possible for our family as it grows and evolves. It has encouraged us on to become closer and next week I'm returning to Florida and we are all getting together to look at the pictures, relive our kayaking trip, and plan new adventures. Thanks again for the great time; you are a remarkable guide and a wonderful host.

Your friend,

Steve Gerlek

Anchorage, alaska


Kayak Charters

I my family’s opinion Dominick Greco owner of Kayak Charters provided a very professional, knowledgeable Eco tour while providing personalized Kayak training.

We had talked many times about renting Kayaks because we have two homes near estuaries but made excuses for different reasons and never tried Kayaking until

I spoke to Dominick.

We never attempted this sport because seemed like it might be too physical but it really does not have to be. Our day was soothing and we were taught how to be

safe, maneuver, save energy. We also learned a lot about the local Indian heritage, why it is a great way to fish or just sight see. Our course was the beginners but

Dominick totally shares an extreme wealth of knowledge.

Dominick classes vary depending on your experience and include Eco Tours, Survival and fishing. It was also refreshing when he explained some of the

inventions/designs he has developed. I think the way he put together some of ideas to allow returning injured military to enjoy the same Kayaking experiences we did.

We are going to schedule another class on fishing techniques in the near future.

I f you read the information provided on Dominick’s WEB Site (http://www.kayak-charters.com) or 239-425-7823 you will want to Kayak and enjoy it as much as we did.


Phillip Wilson

William Anderson 3/29/2012

Dominick. Want to thank you again for the great day we had kayak fishing. Joe and I will be recommending you to all our friends and family. I again want to offer you my support for your programs for the veterans and others. My wife and I support the Fallen Hero's fund and operation Home Front. We would love to help your efforts in this regard. You can send the picture of my big catch of the day to this email address (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and keep me up to date on your charitable programs. Thanks again. Bill Anderson

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Sherry Preusse 3/36/2012

Thanks so much for the great day on the Eco Tour... Found you guys on the internet and boy did we hit a home run.... Your knowledge and experience is invaluable... you made us feel comfortable right away and trained us well... The Eco Tour was amazing.... Talk about god's country... Will certainly do this again.